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growingtochange said: I don’t understand how American college students share bedrooms for 4 years, I would loathe the lack of privacy! How do you ever get any alone time?

Actually, most college students (at least in my area) only share a bedroom with someone for 1-2 years. After sophomore year, most students live in their own apartment! I’m on my sorority’s executive board, which means I live in my sorority house for two years. It’s a pretty great set up though; a huge beautiful mansion, all my meals are prepared by a chef, and we have a cleaning staff. This is all obviously paid by the girls living in, but I think the pros out-weigh the cons. :) 



The fact that Cbel, Jasmine, and Ajita all regularly like my posts on here always makes me super duper happy. I love you guys ^.^*

Um you are actually a ray of sunshine and I adore all your posts. You were my lifting inspiration and I went through all your FAQ’s on beccaliving and made a plan and everything because of you hehe. Love you more girl! <3 

Omigosh you’re the sweetest. Blushin hardcore

The fact that Cbel, Jasmine, and Ajita all regularly like my posts on here always makes me super duper happy. I love you guys ^.^*


So it’s a new school year (I’m a junior in college???? lol wat) and I’m pretty pumped. I’m one of those lame-os that actually enjoys the first week of classes. This semester I’m taking:

  • Survey of Communication Studies + a lab (writing intensive)
  • Relational Communications (aka how people interact)
  • The Female Experience: Body/Identity/Culture (aka how to be a feminist 101)
  • Harry Potter & Religion (aka I have get to read all 7 books in one semester and we study the tons of religious/mythological symbols throughout the series)

I have to focus on doing really well in my comm classes so that’s why I’m only taking 12 hours. I’m pretty stoked about all of these classes YAY

AnYwAy…..photoset explanation:

  • HERE’S MY ROOM FOR THIS SEMESTER YAHOOO!!!! I’m living with Chandler and Gretchen who are awesome and I’m loving it already. My bed is the one with “APHI” over it (and also the Lana poster…duh)
  • Sidenote: the table next to my bed with my lamp on it is from Target and it’s awesome. I put a shower curtain on it as a tablecloth hahaha.
  • Another awesome thing about this room is that it has walk-in closets. Chandler and I share one since we have the single/bottom bunk and Gretchen gets her own. 
  • Here’s my cute little desk setup yay
  • The best thing about having the single bed is the tons of storage underneath. I have a three drawer plastic thingy with my workout clothes in the top two drawers and then my food stash on the bottom drawer. In here I have nuts, honey, Justin’s maple almond butter, crystal light to make my protein powder taste less gross, popcorn, chocolate PB2, Green Superfood powder (chocolate), and various teas. YuMmYyy
  • LUCKY’S HAUL (like I could ever not post about Lucky’s): Curried chicken salad, salad bar - spinach, quinoa, edamame, bell peppers, shredded carrot, onion, parm, Puffin’s multigrain cereal, coconut oil (can’t remember the name…it was the cheapest they had lolol), sweet potatoes, Kalona vanilla yogurt, and a chocolate coconut Larabar that I devoured before taking a picture of. Ha.
  • Today’s lunch: grilled chicken, romaine, carrot, onion, balsamic vinaigrette, and french fries (once again devoured before I remembered to take a pic)
  • Here’s me all sweaty after today’s workout of rowing and running. I had sweat dripping in my eyeballs and my ponytail wouldn’t stay up while I was running so it was a slightly frustrated time at the rec but I survived
  • Post-cardio protein shakes never appeal to me so I mixed my superfood stuff with chocolate milk instead and it was pretty good holla
  • I just bought these Under Armour Ashton shorts on 6pm.com and I’m really excited for them to get here. Only downside is they don’t have built in briefs :(((( Oh well


(8/30/14) Upper Body

Warm up: 700m row - 3:40

- Wide Lat Pulldown: 50x25, 60x20, 75x12, 90x6
- Seated Row: 40x20, 50x15, 50x15
- Standing DB Sh. Press: 10x15, 10x12, 12.5x10 (weird pain in shoulder blade???)
- DB Front Raise: 5x20, 5x17, 7.5x12
- DB Lateral Raise: 5x20, 5x17, 7.5x12
- BB Strict Press: 20x12, 20x10, 20x8 (seriously tired now lol)

Cool down: 250m row, stretching

(9/1/14) Cardio

- Row: 500m sprints - 2:35, 2:38, 2:44
- Stretch
- Running: 1 mile - approx. 12 minutes (bad cramps yuck)
- Walking: .5 miles 


The biggest women’s weight lifting myth is not that you will get bulky, it’s that getting bulky is a negative thing.


A Day In The Life of Lauren Fisher

I’m getting lots of questions on what to ask when shopping for beef, so here you go! If anyone has anything to add, comment or message me.


Christmas & Dmitry enjoy the CF Games

trying to start to eat more clean, what are must needs for next time I go grocery shopping? thank you 😊
- Anonymous

I’m not sure I really like the term eating ~clean~ anymore…it implies that some foods are dirty and bad you know? But I’ll stop being facetious and tell you my must haves!

Basically, when I’m trying to fuel my body better, I just go for LOCAL and NATURAL foods. Some staples:

  • chicken thighs (my love/addiction)
  • ground beef (usually around 85%) 
  • bacon or sausage
  • really, any meat that you like honestly. But make sure it’s local!
  • good quality, REAL butter (Kerrygold is my current favorite, but I really want to find and try Lurpak)
  • whole milk yogurt (Stoneyfield is really good)
  • local eggs
  • peppers: get all the colors of the rainbow
  • mixed greens
  • spinach
  • mushrooms
  • eggplant
  • asparagus
  • green beans (THE FRESH KIND that are all snappy and crunchy and wonderful)
  • onions (one of the best ways to add flavor to food, in my opinion)
  • garlic (^^^)
  • sweet potatoes
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • berries of any kind (usually whatever is cheapest lolol)
  • coconut oil
  • coconut milk
  • coconut milk ice cream (maybe not a staple but it’s pretty damn good)

Also, when I’m trying to buy locally, I also try to find out more about the farm…I especially want to know if they treat their animals humanely.

Farmers markets are an EXCELLENT place to find great local veggies, fruit, and meat. And if your market doesn’t sell meat, check out a local butcher and talk to them about their selection, where it came from, and ask if they know much about the farm.

Happy shopping! :)



pretty much my life goals are to

  • own my own gym
  • own a golden retriever
  • have a cute baby that I can dress up
  • be able to go grocery shopping without looking at the prices of everything and then go to the checkout and be like “Oh wow that’s less than I thought it was gonna be”
  • go to some event that requires me to wear a ball gown
  • own a golden retriever